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How to Save Money on WordPress Premium Plugin Licenses

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Everyone loves a good deal. If you've got your eye on the killer features of a WordPress premium plugin and you're looking for the best time to bite the bullet and purchase, here are a few tips in getting the best price.

Image of pumpkins
Some WordPress premium plugins do holiday-themed sales, like for Halloween.

Take advantage of holiday WordPress premium plugin sales

Many people expect plugins to run sales on Black Friday or Cyber Monday here in the States, but some don't know checking pricing around other holidays may also net them discounts.

Tomorrow is Halloween and several premium plugins are running Halloween sales, such as WP Rocket, TutorLMS, BlogVault and more. It's not uncommon to see sales around other U.S. holidays like Christmas or St. Patrick's Day, as well.

Find discounted WordPress premium plugins on birthdays or anniversaries

Every July 17th, WooCommerce does a 24-hour sale on all its extensions for its anniversary. July tends to also bring around a sale from WP Rocket for its birthday. May tends to have one for Elementor.

These can be a bit more challenging to locate when they'd be happening as, understandably, knowing when a plugin first rolled out isn't common knowledge for many. Some plugins call these anniversary sales, some call them birthday sales. To find a date of a potential sale, you can try searching for the plugin name + “birthday sale” or “anniversary sale” to see if you can find any past sales of the type and check the date to get an idea of when you might see these come around again.

Screenshot of PostStatus Club benefits page noting exclusive discounts
PostStatus offers plugin discounts as a benefit to membership

Special discounts associated with memberships, websites or WordPress premium plugin reviews can be easily found

Most everyone knows that you can often locate active discount codes for plugins by searching the plugin name + “discount code” or “promo code”. These will often lead you to plugin reviews where a special discount code may be provided for the plugin being reviewed. It may land you on a collection of deals like the one on WPBeginner that highlights some.

There are also WordPress-related clubs that offer special discounts to members, such as PostStatus.

In summary

While we believe many WordPress premium plugins are well worth their full plugin license fee and then some, we also know everyone loves a good deal. We've already written about why we strongly advise against using nulled plugins. If you're looking to save a few bucks with plugin licensing, there are plenty of legitimate plugin sales to take advantage of. Just keep in mind that renewals are typically at the full plugin (non-sale) price, so be sure to factor that into your budget moving forward.

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