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Restrict Content Pro Acquired by iThemes

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Yesterday it was announced that Restrict Content Pro has been acquired by iThemes, the company behind other premium plugins like BackUpBuddy.

You can read the full post about the plugin joining the iThemes family on the iThemes blog or you can read Pippin's post about it on the Sandhills Development blog.

What does this mean for existing Restrict Content Pro users?

As big fans of the plugin, the implications of an acquisition were an understandable concern. The iThemes blog post breaks it down, saying:

Aside from the ownership change, existing Restrict Content Pro customers won’t notice many changes. We expect your experience to be “business as usual,” meaning you can continue to use the plugin that you love without any interruptions.

As we work through a transition period, you will still hear from Pippin, Ashley and Mihai as you get support or development assistance. On top of that, we have added additional team members from the iThemes team that will be working on Restrict Content Pro in both development and support.

Looking ahead, you might see a small plugin design refresh in the WordPress admin and changes to the website. With our experience and a dedicated team, we will be adding several new features and improvements to Restrict Content Pro in the near future.

Implications on the iThemes Suite

The plugin acquisition does have impacts on the iThemes Plugin Suite pricing. Because Restrict Content Pro will be included in this offering, the licensing for the suite is being raised effective October 1st, 2020, which gives users a month to get grandfathered in at its current pricing of $249/year (which was the current yearly license for RCP's professional license alone.) If you're interested in the other plugins in the iThemes family like BackUpBuddy or iThemes Security, this is an especially great offer and we'd recommend grabbing it up before the price increase!

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